Drawing Pictures When Memorizing Scripture

I had to share something SO simple that worked super fast and helped us memorize scripture faster!

We had been memorizing Psalm 23 for a couple of weeks. My oldest memorizes in just a couple of days, but for the rest of it takes us longer. Because this was a longer passage we were having a harder time, so I drew SIMPLE pictures/symbols beside each verse and my son had the whole Psalm memorized in just 2 days! And I did too!

All it took was seeing these pictures as we read the verses then recalling them in our minds when it came time to say the verse. And this is something that has stuck-we can still recall the pictures in our minds well after we have moved on from that passage and onto another. I don’t know that we’ll use it every time we memorize, but if any of us are struggling with memorizing a particular passage, I will definitely do it! And now I’ll be watching to see if my son may be a visual learner since this worked so well for him. A few times the kids picked a verse to “draw” and I think that helped them too, so I think we may add in drawing our verses from time to time during Morning Time. It sure helped me to draw it out! Doesn’t have to be on a white board. A piece of paper does the same job.

Here’s a pic so you can take in all my beautiful artistic ability, 🙂 but mostly so you can see how simple it is. DSC_0318


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